Moses Chan

Moses Chan ( Chan Ho actually ,陈豪; born April 16, 1971 in Hong Kong) is a Chinese actor and singer from Hong Kong.


Moses Chan made ​​his debut as an actor in the film Twentysomething from the year 1994. Until 2001 he was mainly seen in movies such as, directed by Tsui Hark in The Blade (1995), Tristar (1996) and Knock Off (1998).

In 2000, he began a career as a television actor in Television Broadcasts Limited ( TVB ). In 2002, he played Cho Chi Woon in his first historical drama Where the Legend Begins and was honored at the TVB Anniversary Awards with an audience award. Because of its role Tong Chi On in the hit TV series Heart of Greed in 2007 he won two other awards as best male lead actor and as a popular male role in the TVB Anniversary Awards.

Moses Chan has also sung theme songs and songs for several television series.

Filmography (selection)

  • 2000: Healing Hands II (妙手仁心II)
  • 2000: Armed Reaction III (陀枪师姐III)
  • 2002: Where The Legend Begins (洛神)
  • 2002: The Family Man (绝世好爸)
  • 2002: Take My Word For It (谈判 专家)
  • 2002: The Battle Against Evil (转世 惊 情)
  • 2002: Love And Again (驳 命 老公 追 老婆)
  • 2003: Back To Square One (扑 水 冤家)
  • 2003: Perish in the Name of Love (帝女花)
  • 2003: Better Halves (金牌 冰人)
  • 2003: Aqua Heroes (恋爱 自由式)
  • 2003: Riches And Stitches (凤舞 香 罗)
  • 2004: Split Second (争分夺秒)
  • 2004: War And Beauty (金枝 欲 孽)
  • 2005: Love Bond (心 花 放)
  • 2005: The Gentle Crackdown (秀才 遇着 兵)
  • 2005: Healing Hands III (妙手仁心III)
  • 2005: The Charm Beneath (胭脂 水粉)
  • 2006: The Dance of Passion (火舞 黄沙)
  • 2006: Land of Wealth (汇通 天下)
  • 2007: Heart of Greed (溏 心 风暴)
  • 2007: The Ultimate Crime Fighter (通天 干 探)
  • 2008: Moonlight Resonance (溏 心 风暴 之 家 好 月圆)
  • 2008: The Gem of Life (珠光宝气)
  • 赐 我 一 死: The Ultimate Crime Fighter
  • 川流不息: Land of Wealth
  • 痕迹: The Charm Beneath
  • 明知 不知 傻 痴痴: The Gentle Crackdown with Niki Chow
  • 心里话: Love Bond by Michael Tao, Kenix Kwok and Bernice Liu
  • 心 花 无限: Love Bond