Niki Chow

Niki Chow Lai -ki (Chinese周丽淇, Pinyin Zhou LiQi; born August 30, 1979 in Hong Kong) is a Chinese actress and singer.


You broke up with 17 years out of school in favor of a modeling career. A few years later became an actress by and played in various films and television series with. In 2005, she became famous by the movie The Gentle Crackdown (秀才 遇着 兵) overnight. Niki Chow is the younger sister of the model and actress Kathy Cow Man- kei.

She is one of the top ten actresses of TVB.

TV series (excerpt)

  • 2004: Hard Fate (翡翠 恋曲)
  • 2005: The Gentle Crackdown (秀才 遇着 兵)
  • 2006: Under The Canopy Of ​​Love (天幕 下 的 恋人)
  • 2007: Colours of Love (森 之 爱情)
  • 2008: The Seventh Day (最 美丽 的 第七天)
  • 2008: Dressage To Win (盛装 舞步 爱 作战)
  • 2009: The King of Snooker (桌球 天王)
  • 2009: The bok and the sword (书剑恩仇录)
  • 2011: Bottled Passion (我 的 如意 娘 君)
  • 2012: Sergeant Tabloid (女警 爱 作战)


  • 明知 不知 傻 痴痴: The Gentle Crackdown with Moses Chan