Mount Diablo

Mount Diablo, view from the northwest

The Mount Diablo is a mountain in California and part of the Diablo Range. With 1,160 meters it is the highest point in Contra Costa County. Mount Diablo is the centerpiece of Mount Diablo State Park, an 80 -acre State Park.

The mountain was named Monte del Diablo by the Spaniards. The California State Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo man rendered the name into English.


The Mount Diablo is situated on the south of the town of Concord Saisun Bay or east of Walnut Creek. To the east of the massif extends in a north-south direction, the California Central Valley.

From the summit on a clear day you can see the mountains in the east of the Sierra Nevada and in the north to the southernmost mountain in the Cascade Range, the Lassen Peak and the front located in the Sacramento Valley Sutter Buttes. To the west you can see the Golden Gate Bridge across the bay from San Francisco.

The summit, on which more telecommunications antennas and a survey station located, is accessible on foot, by bike or by car. The car access is chargeable. The course record of Danville to the summit when conducted annually Diablo Challenge cycling race is 43 minutes, 33 seconds.