Mustafa Sandal

Mustafa Sandal ( born January 11, 1970 in Istanbul) is a Turkish pop musician. He is a singer, composer, songwriter, producer and actor. He speaks Turkish, English, French and Italian.

According to the German hit parade Mustafa Sandal is equipped with the most albums sold the most successful Turkish singers. Over his 10 - year career, he managed with hits like Araba, Aya Benzer and İsyankar his international breakthrough. In Turkey, it is one of the great pop stars.

His music style is a synthesis between Western and oriental pop and builds mostly on melancholic sounds.

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After graduating from college in Geneva Sandal spent two years studying marketing at Boston New Hampshire College. With his return to Istanbul in 1989, he worked as a musician and was in the Gelisim Studios as a songwriter and producer for famous musicians such as Ajda Pekkan, Zerrin Özer, Ayşegül Aldinç, Yonca Evcimik and Sezen Aksu active. He sold more than 15 million CDs in Turkey alone.

Career in Turkey

Sandal published in 1994 his first album. His debut album, Suc Bende was 1.5 million selling music cassettes and CDs sold 200,000 into a great success. After less than one year, with 140 concerts Sandal established in Turkey and 30 in Europe as the remarkable live artists. 1996 Sandal had just released his second successful album Gölgede Ayni, he moved from Istanbul to London. After more than 3.1 million units sold of the album and over 200 concerts he had in Turkey back an enthusiastic fan base. In 1998 he returned with his next album Detay to his homeland, Turkey, back. The album came in the autumn of 1998 the same in the second week after the publication of No. 1 on the Turkish Charts by Sandal and made a musician for all generations. The album won two awards Kral, in Turkey the equivalent of the MTV Music Award. The subsequent tour was over 130 shows almost always sold out and Mustafa Sandal toured in the USA, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Holland, England, Sweden, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. In June 2000, Mustafa Sandal Akışına Birak his album, a collaboration with composer and musician Iskender Paydaş. In addition Sandal established his own label Yada Productions to produce other artists independently can. In June 2002, finally Mustafa Sandal released his fifth album Kop which especially in the German-speaking countries was a success besides Turkey. 2007 was also another album of the artist on the market, the Devamı Var called itself. The first single with the İndir successfully launched in Turkey together with video clip. Similarly, a video clip for the song follow Melek Yüzlüm was filmed. Mustafa Sandals latest album is called Karizma and has appeared on 13 July 2009 in Turkey. Ates et ve Unut and Karizma are from the well-known producer Bojan Dugić, etc. has produced, among other artists like Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Destiny 's Child.

Success in the European charts

Mustafa Sandal Aya Benzer was able with his single in 2003, which he shared with the VIVA presenter Guelcan Karahanci (now Guelcan Kamps ) published in August 2003, to celebrate a huge success. The single entered immediately into the top 20 in the German single charts and stayed about two and a half months among the 15 best-selling singles in Germany. Thus he made ​​his breakthrough in Germany and reached an even larger fan base. In January 2005 his new maxi - single was released on the European market: İsyankar - a new edition of his greatest hits from the last year in Turkey. İsyankar stayed eight weeks at No. 1 of the Turkish charts, entered the top 10 charts, inter alia, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and was for weeks at No. 1 on MTV and VIVA. For this he was awarded in 2006 with a gold record.

Private life

Mustafa Sandal married the Serbian pop singer Emina Jahović on 13 January 2008. On 8 August 2008 the couple had a son.





TV career

  • 2010 Kimsin Sen ( dt Who are you? ) ( Entertainment show - Host )
  • 2011 Başrolde Aşk (German Starring Love) (TV series)
  • O Ses Türkiye 2011-2013 (Eng. The Voice of Turkey ) ( music broadcast, Turkish version of The Voice of Germany - Juror )