MV Freedom Star

Max. 27 tons

American Bureau of Shipping

IMO no. 7925314

The Freedom Star is an American-style, ocean-going tug and workboat. Owned by NASA, was the operator of United Space Alliance.


The ship was built under the hull number 184 of the shipyard Atlantic Marine Shipyard and delivered to the shipping company in January 1981. Approximately in 2003 the ship was sold to NASA.

The Freedom Star contained the separated solid rockets (Solid Rocket Boosters ) on Space Shuttle missions about 230 km off the coast of Florida from the Atlantic. In this case, the ship served as a tug for the moored alongside missiles. In addition, they served to transport the external tanks of the space shuttle on launch boats from the Michoud Assembly Facility production plant in New Orleans to Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

NASA has found the ship in the past, short of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and several universities for research trips available.

The sister ship, the Liberty Star.