MV Murree

The Murree in the Austin & Pickersgill shipyard on December 5, 1981

The Murree was a 1981 built motor cargo ship that sank in 1989 in the English Channel. The name Murree connects the vessel with the same Pakistani town and hill station.


The Murree was one of three ships of the SD -18 type, a further development of the Liberty replacement vessel type SD - 14th

The ship was built in the shipyard Austin & Pickersgill in Southwick on Wear and drove exclusively for the Pakistan National Shipping Corporation.


On October 28, 1989, the ship sank in a heavy storm of force 10 on the Beaufort scale 22 nautical miles south east of Start Point. The crew was rescued by a search and rescue operation by RAF helicopters. Footage of the rescue was shown in the BBC series 999. In 2013, the journalist John Sergeant treated the subject in a documentary about the Westland Sea King helicopter.

The wreck of the Murree is used by wreck divers.