SD18 (ship type)


The SD -18 is a cargo ship type, which was built by the shipyard Austin & Pickersgill in Southwick, UK 1980/81 in three units. The name SD -18 stands for Shelter - decker 18,000 tons.


1980/81 increased the shipyard Austin & Pickersgill, Sunderland three cargo ships of the type SD -18 for the shipping company Pakistan National Shipping Company of Karachi. The type of ship was a development of the highly successful Liberty replacement vessel type SD - 14th But against the background of changing market conditions in the wake of the global containerisation the shipyard could not issue additional units of the type. All three ships remained for their entire period of service in the possession of Pakistan National Shipping Company. The Murree declined in 1989 due to bad weather has slipped container cargo in the English Channel, the other two ships, Kaghan and Ayubia were discontinued in Gadani Beach in 2001 and 2004.

The SD -18 ships had aft arranged on the machine system setups and four holds with a capacity of 24,345 m³ ( bulk material). The front luggage compartment hatch with McGregor had a single -pull hatch covers, the rear three cargo holds had double hatches, which were also sealed with McGregor -single -pull hatch covers. As their own loading gear stood six derricks available, two with 35 tons capacity, and four of 25 tons.

Power was produced in a Sulzer license from Hawthorn -Clark, Newcastle six-cylinder two-stroke diesel engine of type Sulzer RND68M, who worked directly on the fixed pitch propeller. The engine had an output of 8700 kilowatts, allowing a speed of 15.2 knots. In the late 1980s the Ayubia received a new engine of the same type, which had been built by Hitchi Zosen. The on-board energy was provided by three auxiliary engines, each 450 kVA. A bow thruster was not available.

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