Mz 1

Menzel 1, abbreviated Mz 1, is a planetary nebula in the constellation square, which is about 3,400 light years away.

The fog was discovered in 1922 by Donald Menzel in photographs of the Bruce 24 -inch telescope at the outer station of the Harvard College Observatory in Arequipa in Peru. Despite its comparatively high brightness it has been studied only rarely in more detail. A model explains its structure based on the projection of a three dimensional hourglass -shaped shell with one of the Tailie to the poles decreasing density. With a radial expansion velocity of 23 km / s, its age is estimated to 4,500 from 10,000 years. You go out in the central star, a white dwarf of 0.63 ± 0.05 M ⊙.

Other published observations come from 1988, an H2 emission at 2.12 microns, from 1992, by means of line filters in Hα and OIII, and by 2010, with the Spitzer Space Telescope at wavelengths of 3.6 microns to 8 microns.