N. Rangaswamy

N. Rangasamy (Tamil: . ந ரங்கசாமி [ raŋɡəsa ː mi], also Rangaswamy; * August 4, 1950 in Pondicherry ) is an Indian politician. He is chairman of the party he founded All India NR Congress since May 2011 and acting Chief Minister ( head of government) of the union territory of Puducherry ( Pondicherry). He had previously been occupied from 2001 to 2008, the Indian National Congress this office.


N. Rangasamy was born on August 4, 1950 in Pondicherry in a Tamil Hindu family of the Caste of Vanniyar. The Vanniyar be expected according to the traditional caste hierarchy to the lower castes, dominate in Pondicherry but demographically. He was trained as a lawyer and is unmarried. During his study time, Rangasamy, inspired by the model turned to K. Kamarajs, politics and joined the Congress Party.

In the elections for Parliament Puducherrys N. Rangasamy came in 1990 for the first time in the constituency Thattanchavadi as a candidate, but was defeated. In the election that followed in 1991, but he was able to get into parliament. The constituency Thattanchavadi also defended in the next elections in 1996, 2000, 2001 and 2006. According to the electoral victory of the Congress Party in 1991 N. Rangasamy was Minister of Agriculture in the cabinet of Chief Minister V. Vaithilingam. In 1996, he took over the post of Minister of Public Affairs, 2000 the Minister of Education. In October 2001, Rangasamy was first Chief Minister Puducherrys as successor P. Shanmugams. After the parliamentary election in Puducherry 2006 he was confirmed in office, but in September 2008 he lost after a cabinet revolt, the Office of V. Vaithilingam.

After his fall to N. Rangasamy moved for two years from active politics. Ahead of the general election in Puducherry he enlisted in January 2011 but returned and founded the party All India NR Congress ( AINRC ) as a splinter group of the Congress Party. The AINRC to gather a large part of the Congress - followers behind to defeat the alliance of Congress and DMK in the electoral alliance with the AIADMK party in the parliamentary elections in April 2011 succeeded. So she finished twenty -year-long period of Congress rule in Pondicherry. Rangasamy even entered simultaneously in the two constituencies Indira Nagar and Kadirkamam, which had been formed from his old constituency Thattanchavadi, and was successful in both. 17 May 2011 N. Rangasamy took over for the second time, the Office of the Chief Minister of Puducherry.


N. Rangasamy is considered to be close to the people and maintains an ostentatiously modest lifestyle. He also went to his election as Chief Minister on motorcycle instead of being chauffeured in a company car. During his tenure as Chief Minister he helped programs such as the introduction of a free breakfast for school children, help for slum dwellers to build proper houses or infrastructure projects to improve water supply to some popularity. Nevertheless, he was accused by critics, too much to take care of his own constituency rather than to the entire EU territory.