Naas ( Irish: Nás na Riogh or An Nás ) is the capital of County Kildare in the Republic of Ireland. It is located 35 km southwest of Dublin, close to the N7 main road.

Naas was also " The Meeting of the Magi" ( Nás na Riogh ) called. Your position on an important road made ​​it an administrative center.

The city has grown remarkably in recent years; the population was calculated at 2011 Census 20,573 people. The town planning is based on a further significant growth in the coming years. Naas is a typical industrial growth center in the vicinity of Dublin. Given the economic problems in Ireland since 2008 but has already led the creation of 266 new jobs with the opening of a newly built, energy technically advanced Tesco store in Naas in November 2010 opening of the supermarket by the then Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen.

In the near Naas at the Punchestown Racecourse is the menhir of Punchestown, the largest menhir of Ireland. The Punchestown Festival is the most important horses races of the season and usually take place in April. The festival goes over 5 days. It is considered by many to be the Irish version of the Cheltenham Festival.