Nadia Gray

Nadia Gray (actually Nadia Kujnir - Herescu; born November 27, 1923 in Bucharest, † June 13, 1994 in New York) was a Romanian-Austrian actress.


The daughter of a Russian refugee and a Bessarabian mother began towards the end of World War II on stage in Bucharest occur. In 1946 she married Prince Constantin Cantacuzino Romanian ( 1905-1958 ), who had acquired a reputation as a so-called flying ace in World War II. The couple met on a flight from a Romanian airline know ( them as passenger, he as a pilot ) in which it would almost come to a crash because of a burning engine. With the takeover by the Communists in 1947, she left the country with her husband and went via Austria to France. There she called Nadia Gray and was in the same year made ​​her stage debut in Paris.

Her film debut was in 1949 as Nadine Gray in the Austrian film, roses of love / His Highness must not kiss on the side of OW Fischer and Siegfried Breuer. In the film she played mostly elegant, seductive women of the world. In Fellini's classic The sweet life she showed a striptease. In the late 1960s, she went to America, where she married nine years after the death of her first husband, the New York attorney Herbert Silverman 1967. From the movie business in 1976, she moved back and stepped from then on as a singer in cabaret shows.

Nadia Gray died in 1994 in Manhattan of a stroke. She left behind her husband and two stepchildren.

A June 14, 2007 issued, dedicated to the 100th birthday of Paul Klinger German commemorative stamp shows an excerpt from the movie poster for " stallion Maestoso Austria", on the Nadia Gray is seen together with Paul Klinger.

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