The rock band Nektar in 1969 by the British Roye Albrighton ( born February 6, 1949 Lead vocals, guitar), Allan " Taff " Freeman (born 7 June 1945 keyboards), Ron Howden (born 5 January 1945 Drums) and Derek "Mo" Moore ( born March 27, 1946 Bass ) co-founded with Mick Brockett ( born December 23, 1947 lighting effects ) in Hamburg. Stylistically, initially located in the intersection between the burgeoning progressive rock and the waning psychedelic rock, they turned back on their later albums for simple knitted Hard Rock. The pieces of the earlier albums are characterized by numerous breaks and tempo changes, often other musicians are cited.

Band History

Derek Moore and Ron Howden were met each other in 1964 in France, where both occurred in several bands in the U.S. Army casinos. When the two met Allan Freeman in Germany, the trio was Prophecy of the duo. With Prophecy Allan Freeman also played in the late sixties in the Hamburg Star Club. Freemans son Alain Freeman lives in Hamburg, where it operates a travel agency. At the foundation of nectar, the band was in a house in the upper -Beer Bacher valley down on the outskirts of Seeheim- Jugenheim (Hessen). The symphonic debut album Journey to the Centre of the Eye was published in 1971.

1972 created a nectar - LP made ​​it into the American charts. A Tab in the Ocean was specially remixed for the United States. This recording with more speed and more clearly distinctive instruments should meet the tastes of Americans better. 1974 Remember The Future LP went gold in the United States. A short time later, Down To Earth reached American gold. The group decided to take a tour of the U.S. and achieved moderate success: More than 100,000 Americans wanted to see nectar. Characteristic of the live performances of the band was the light show, which was staged a virtuoso on big screens behind the musicians from the " light music " Brockett.

1976 Albrighton left the band. The album Magic is a Child was recorded with guitarist and singer Dave Nelson, however, was not paying attention, had received the earlier works of nectar. It is the only album with this lineup. 1980 Albrighton and Freeman came together once again to produce with Carmine Rojas on bass and David Prater on drums Man in the Moon. Then there was a long silence to nectar.

2001 nectar from the previous founding members Albrighton and Freeman was revived along with Ray Hardwick (drums) and was able to continue the old successes. In 2002, the band toured in the original cast first in the U.S., followed by concerts in the UK and Germany. The bassist Moore, however, the tour - stress did not look grown, so he retired. He was replaced by Randy Dembo, who also appeared on the Evolution CD. Since September 2004, Tom Hughes was to be found at the keys, especially on the Hammond organ.

2006 nectar was re- occupied and played Book of Days a. Randy Dembo (bass ) was replaced by Desha Dunnahoe and Tom Hughes (keyboards) by Steve Mattern. These Steve Adams came as second guitarist. The three new members also play in the band by Steve Adams.

In September 2007, a bigger tour took place by Germany and neighboring countries. New here were Klaus Henatsch (including Jane, Jutta Weinhold Band) on keyboards and Peter Pichl (including Running Wild, YARGOS ) on bass.

In July 2010, played on the nectar Burg Herzberg Festival and in the Balve cave in the Sauerland near Hagen.


Studio albums

Live albums




  • 2004 - Journey To The Centre Of The Eye ( Eclectic Discs / Dream Nebula Recordings DNECD 1203)
  • 2004 - Remember The Future ( Eclectic Discs / Dream Nebula Recordings DNECD 1204)
  • 2004 - Live In New York ( Eclectic Discs / Dream Nebula Recordings DNECD 1206/7 )
  • 2003 - Live (PAL), Classic Rock Productions CRP 1008 United Kingdom ( NTSC), Classic Rock Productions CRP 10090
  • 2005 - Pure ( 2DVD, SPV, Germany, September 23, 2005)