Ngadda River

The Ngadda on a map of Lake Chad

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The Ngadda is a river in north- eastern Nigeria. He is at the headwaters permanently and on the lower reaches a seasonally flowing river. Its sources are located on the northwest edge of the Mandara Mountains and flows in a northeasterly direction to the contrary Lake Chad, which he, however, not seen since the 1980s. The size of its catchment area is about 14,400 km ², in the east of the state of Borno.

At its upper reaches it flows through the 130 km ² large Sambisa swamps, about 50 km southeast of Maiduguri. In this wetland be river is not defined. Here he receives approximately 127 million m³ per year the also the marshes crossing river Yedseram. In this water exchange phenomenon its name goes back, which comes from the language of the people of the Kanuri. After leaving the Sambissa swamps of Ngadda is dammed at Alau Reservoir, this was built in 1987 and in 1992 reached its maximum storage volume of 345 million m³. After leaving the reservoir, it flows through the Nigerian city of Maiduguri and watered the Jere Bowl wetlands in the flood season and flows along the Bama Beach Ridge before east of Monguno at the former lake shore of the normal Lake Chad formed a river delta and irrigates the Lake Chad wetlands or seeps.