Nicholas Stone

Nicholas Stone ( * 1583 in Exeter, † August 24, 1647 ) was a famous English sculptor and architect.


Stone was born in Exeter, Devonshire, and went to Amsterdam, where he worked with Hendrik de Keyser and married his daughter. In 1613 he returned to England and gained fame - first by his elegant tombs, and later by his impressive sculptural monuments and figures in the main churches of London. After 1619, he worked with the architect Inigo Jones and 1632 champion sculptor for the crown. His later style was inclined to naturalism and shows the influence of Italian and classical art. The fluctuating quality of his work reveals that he employed many agents. Stone was an excellent craftsman and the most important British sculptor of the first half of the 17th century. In his " Note Book " and "Account Book" he left a record of his activities.

Stone had three sons:

  • Henry (1616-1653), was an apprentice of Sir Anthony Van Dyck and painted a portrait of the English King Charles I..
  • Nicholas (1618-1647), went to the doctrine of Gian Lorenzo Bernini in Rome.
  • John (1620-1667), painter