Nikephoros III Botaneiates

Nicephorus III. Botaneiates (Greek Νικηφόρος Γ ' Βοτανειάτης, * to 1010, † in Constantinople Opel soon after April 1, 1081 ) was Byzantine emperor from 1078 to 1081 he was a member of a family which claimed to be the origin of the Roman Fabians. .

Nikephoros Botaneiates was commander of the Byzantine troops in Asia Minor, when he revolted in 1078 against Emperor Michael VII and his designated successor Constantius Ducas. With the connivance of the Seljuks, he marched to Nicaea, where he proclaimed himself as emperor. Given the other insurgent general, Nicephorus Bryennios, his accession was approved by the nobility and the clergy. With the support of Alexios Komnenos he hit Bryennios and other rivals from the field, but failed to dislodge the now sunken in Asia Minor Seljuks.

Nikephoros had finally come to terms with Alexios Komnenos, who used his influence with the army to depose Nicephorus and to exile in a monastery. His early praise as an experienced and award-winning general, he could not confirm when the Emperor because he had little experience in the field of politics, perhaps due to his advanced age of about 70 years at the throne. In his years of reign Nikephoros gave himself totally to the pleasure.

Michael Attaleiates devoted his history Nicephorus III.

Nicephorus III. with officers

Nicephorus III. and Maria of Alania

  • Kaiser ( Byzantium )
  • Christian Orient
  • Born in the 11th century
  • Died in 1081
  • Man