Nikolasee is a hamlet in the district of Steglitz- Zehlendorf in Berlin. In this district there are the Nikolasee, the local situation Schlachtensee as well as on the eastern shore of the Great Lake Wannsee Wannsee lido.


The villa colony Nikolasee was founded in 1901 and declared in 1910 into an independent Prussian community. 1902 Nikolasee station was inaugurated, the time was still in the open field. In 1906 the system of the later Protestant cemetery Nikolasee arose on the 1912/1913 a chapel was built. Opposite the cemetery the Protestant church Nikolasee was built in 1909 and a year later the Schlachtenseer St. John's Church was built.

The incorporation of the rural community Nikolasee by Greater Berlin was 1920. During the 1930s came on the eastern edge Niko Lassees the settlement Wonnegauviertel added.

In 1954, the Catholic church was built to the Holy Twelve Apostles in the Schlachtenseer Wasgenstraße.

Spatial layers and quarter

  • Garden City chaff
  • German quarter
  • Hubert Homes: Hubert was in the 18th century by a landowner. As Royal Kammerrat under Frederick II in 1772, he received the order, southwest of Zehlendorf a colony for ex-soldiers to set up. For this, 240 acres lean ground had been acquired by the Zehlendorfer farmers for 1000 Taler. The settlement arose on the kontributionsfreien area after 1775 and the populated and agriculturally undeveloped terrain - is reported as Hubert homes - was the municipality sold by the king before 1780. Later the settlement was run as a colony of New -Zehlendorf.
  • Kleist quarter
  • Marine settlement
  • Nibelungenviertel
  • Schlachtensee
  • Wagner quarter
  • Waldhaus- quarter
  • Wonnegauviertel

Former OTH - directional radio system

Between 1950 and 1974 was in Nikolasee over- horizon radio relay system for wireless communications with the former federal territory. As antenna support two 150 -meter high guyed steel lattice masts were used. One of the two poles was in the form of an "H". It consisted of two constructions, which were connected to 140 meters over a 25 meter long bridge.

With the commissioning of the radio relay site in Berlin- Frohnau this plant was dispensable and the masts were dismantled in October 1974.

Waters in the district

  • Havel and Havel Lakes ( on the western edge of the district from south to north ) Großer Wannsee ( Niko Lasseer part) ( location ) Wannsee Beach ( location )
  • Nikola trench ( location )

S- Bahn station Nikolassee (built in 1901/1902 by Fritz Bräuning )

Cobblestones in Normannenstrasse

The Protestant church Nikolasee, built in 1909