Nintendo eShop

The Nintendo eShop (JapaneseニンテンドーeショップNintendo e - shoppu ) is an online service for the 3DS and the Wii U from Nintendo, which is based on the Nintendo Network. He appeared on June 6, 2011 in North America and on June 7th in Europe and Japan. On the Nintendo 3DS, the shop has been enabled by the firmware update to version 2.0.0- 2E.

The Nintendo eShop is the online shop for the Nintendo consoles since the Nintendo 3DS. It provides both tailored 3DS and Wii U titles, Virtual Console games, DSiWare, additional content, demos, trailers and screenshots and information about new releases. On the Wii U, the Nintendo eShop has been added by the first software update for the console.

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Starting with the Nintendo Wii, and later with the Nintendo DSi Nintendo launched a way to digitally sell games to their customers. The Wii Shop Channel and DSi Shop were browser-based; Nintendo wanted to make it more customer-friendly with the 3DS, the new shop, however, was not yet completed at the time of publication of the Nintendo 3DS, so it was announced the Nintendo eShop nachzureichen end of May 2011 via firmware update. Nintendo moved the update, which the Nintendo eShop and Internet Browser included, one more time on June 7, 2011. Since that day held the press conference at E3, presented to the shop there again before.

At the beginning of the Nintendo eShop offered alongside the multitude of DSiWare a sparse number of for the Nintendo 3DS tailored games. However, even a few classics were available, such as the free available for a short time Excitebike, which was one of the first 3D Classics titles. Even old classics like The Legend of Zelda: Link 's Awakening DX, which was released at that time for the Game Boy Color, and the Pokédex 3D from the Nintendo eShop have been offered. Since the Nintendo eShop also offered the possibility to download the known DSiWare from Nintendo DSi, Nintendo built to make its own DSiWare titles from Nintendo DSi to the Nintendo 3DS to transfer.

In addition to Game Boy and Game Boy Color games were joined as Game Gear and Nintendo Entertainment System games for the Virtual Console program. In addition, Nintendo offered first-time buyers of the Nintendo 3DS, which had received these for the price of 250 €, 20 games from the Virtual Console free for download; these people were called " Nintendo 3DS Ambassador ". As part of the " Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program " Nintendo published ten NES and Game Boy Advance games for free for the Ambassador for exclusive download.


The Nintendo eShop is displayed as orange bag in the Nintendo 3DS HOME menu, as well as in the main and in the HOME menu of the Wii U and requires an Internet connection.

Unlike the Nintendo DSi Shop and Wii Shop Channel, where you pay with Nintendo Points, you can pay at the Nintendo eShop for the first time in the local currency; in Europe in Euros or the local currency, in America with dollar and yen in Japan.

The Nintendo eShop registered purchases, so that a subsequent re- download a title can be performed. Likewise, the Nintendo eShop offers the ability to download software immediately or in standby mode or in the background. In standby mode, the Nintendo 3DS will download the software via SpotPass.

Players who switch from Nintendo DSi to the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo offers the opportunity to transfer their purchased software titles on the Nintendo 3DS. The Software and all related rights are removed from the Nintendo DSi system and completely transferred to the memory data on the Nintendo 3DS system. Then it is no longer possible, this play on the Nintendo DSi except by re- buy the item. A later update offered this possibility for the transfer between two Nintendo 3DS devices.


The following content in the Nintendo eShop to download:

Download Software

In the Nintendo eShop games can be purchased that have been developed specifically for the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. Since the publication of the tank! Tank! Tank! (DL ) for the Wii U and free-to -play games on the Nintendo eShop will be offered.

Almost all Nintendo DSiWare titles are available in the Nintendo eShop of Nintendo 3DS. As Nintendo DS titles are the Nintendo DSiWare titles in the original resolution playable, though, there are black bars on sides of screen. You can also choose a variant in which the image to fit the larger screen of the 3DS, but this reduces the resolution. The HOME menu functionality, so the brief pause of software by pressing the " HOME " key is not supported.

DLC & Patches

In the Nintendo eShop as downloadable content ( DLC) will be offered. This means that the player has the option to download additives such as new maps, routes and other new content. Also, be distributed over the Nintendo eShop software updates, called patches, such as mid-2012 for Mario Kart 7 to fix a bug in some routes.

Virtual Console

Just like the Virtual Console Nintendo Wii can be found on the Nintendo 3DS and since February 2013, on the Wii U old classics from earlier systems such as Game Boy, Game Boy Color, NES or play.

3D Classics

3D Classics are old video games that have been ported in 3D and graphically redesigned and improved. The first 3D Classic title was Excitebike, which was available for free for a short time to download.

Full-price games

Since 17 August 2012, full-price games on the Nintendo eShop of Nintendo 3DS are available. In addition, Nintendo rewards the purchase on the eShop with a " star bonus " in our own premiums Club Nintendo. When purchasing full-price games in the eShop of the Wii U, no such bonus will be credited.


Since an update in December 2011, Nintendo offers the ability to download demo versions of a full-price title. There are limitations, however, in the number of available game starts.

Videos & Trailer

In the Nintendo eShop on 3DS and Wii U videos and trailers can be viewed on selected titles. While this on the Nintendo 3DS can be partially played in 3D, offers video playback in eShop Wii U is a Full HD support. Nintendo offers exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS also video sharing site. The prices are usually between 0.99 euros and 1.50 euros.

Video Services

Nintendo eShop sells in addition to numerous additional content such as videos also own or operated by partner video services. These are, for example, game trailers, documentaries and other species, often in 3D, available. The videos are wirelessly downloaded via SpotPass on the Nintendo 3DS and saved to the SD card.

Nintendo Video

In July 2011, Nintendo announced its own service Nintendo Video free for download. This provides the user with game trailers, animated short films and documentaries, which are available offline until they are replaced by new ones.

Euro Sport

In Europe, the sports channel Euro Sport also offers a video service, users can watch 3D sports videos with the. These are available as Nintendo video up to a certain date offline and are then replaced. Since 31 December 2012 the service is no longer active. This was announced by euro sport a SpotPass notification to 3DS users with.


In North America, Netflix customers can watch on their Nintendo 3DS system, the full Netflix Biblitothek, but only in 2D. Netflix plans but to also offer 3D movies.

Hulu Plus

Nintendo of America also plans to offer the possibility of cooperation with the online service Hulu Plus, 3DS owners who go to watch their TV shows and movies on their handheld.


For the Wii U has been around since the publication date of a custom Youtube App. This application has been available since November 29, 2013 in the European Nintendo 3DS eShop free to download.