NK GOÅ K Dubrovnik

NK GOŠK Dubrovnik and the HNK Dubrovnik Croatian football club from the city of Dubrovnik.


Beginnings of football in Dubrovnik

The first Dubrovnik football club was founded in 1919 under the name of HNK Plamen: founded (German Croatian FC flame). After the merger with Olimpija and the Balkans in 1922, the club changed its name to the name of NK Jug (German: FC South), after the union with Borac and the Railwaymen club Željezničar 1951 under the name NK Dubrovnik (German: FC Dubrovnik). 1978, the club was renamed again in NK Jug. The small local rivals was GOŠK, whose name is derived from the Dubrovnik district Gruž ( Gruški Omladinski Sportski Club; German: Gružer youth sports club).


1979 merged the two clubs NK Jug Dubrovnik and GOŠK to city club GOŠK -Jug. During this time, the greatest successes have been achieved, as they fought alongside the two Croatian second division side NK Šibenik and Split NK for promotion to the first division and it drew attention to himself by attractive football. The climb to the first division failed while repeatedly running out, inter alia, also because the best talent the club regularly vacated towards first Yugoslav league.

HNK Dubrovnik

After a decade in the 2nd Yugoslav league was dissolved the merger after the independence of Croatia and the football club Jug under his old name HNK Dubrovnik ( dt: Croatian Club Dubrovnik) founding member of the first Croatian league ( 1 HNL). The Elite League was held four years. After descending to the 2nd league in 1993/94 it failed in the following 1994/95 season in the relegation on promotion back to the 1st league. Due to financial difficulties of the relegation followed in the 4th league ( Zupanijska Nogometna League ) and ultimately the bankruptcy of 2004.

The new GOŠK

After irreconcilable differences with his colleagues in the club's management, Pero VICAN founded in 1998 a new club under the old name GOŠK. The desired success came soon. While the competitor disappeared into the footballing irrelevance due to financial difficulty, GOŠK increased in the 2000/2001 season in the 2nd League South (2nd jug HNL ), which was maintained until the 2004/2005 season. In the first round of the League Relegation - Penultimate GOŠK could local rivals NK Konavljanin from the suburb Čilipi yet conquer. As a result of defeat in the second round against the NK Karlovac one rose from the 3rd league. The immediate promotion back to the 2005/2006 season should not succeed in spite of the superior -fought championship of the 3rd League South ( 3 HNL jug ) with 10 points ahead of the runner-up. Due to the away goals rule, the NK Moslavina kept in the relegation ultimately the upper hand (0:1 and 2:1). Making matters worse was that the home game due to the stadium condition could not be carried out on the native place in Lapad, but in some 150 kilometers away Imotski. In the following season after missing out on promotion the class could be maintained with difficulty after a re-formation of the team.


Currently GOŠK fighting again for the championship of the 3rd League South. The spectator interest has waned because of the quarrels in the past and the dilapidated stadium, so even top games are rarely visited by more than 500 spectators. After a restart in the lowest league, plays the HNK Dubrovnik in the 5th League for the championship. Meanwhile, the question of the succession of the first football clubs Plamen Dubrovnik from 1919 was legally resolved in favor of the HNK, raising tensions between the leaders of the two sides has not decreased.


The still unsettled stadium situation is a possible rise of GOŠK in the 2nd league in the way, as the Football Association issued a second division license only after the fulfillment of various minimum requirements. On the part of the city a recent merger of the two city rivals is a prerequisite for the implementation of the already planned stadium new building at the same place for about 5500 spectators. A merger is considered but due to the past as unlikely.


Traditionally, the region mainly behind the Croatian club Hajduk Split tradition. So sections of the Torcida are also found in many small towns in the Dubrovnik hinterland. The two local clubs do not enjoy comparable importance. During the fifth division side HNK Dubrovnik is also supported on Games Away from the small Fangruppierung Padavičari, the third division GOŠK has no organized Fangruppierung.


  • Promotion to 2nd Yugoslav League: 1980 ( as GOŠK -Jug )
  • 2nd runner- Yugoslav League West: 1987 /88 ( as GOŠK -Jug )
  • 3rd place 2nd Yugoslav League West: 1971/1972 (as GOŠK )
  • Founding member of the first Croatian league: 1991 (as HNK Dubrovnik)

Well-known former players

  • Srdjan Lakić
  • Croatian soccer club
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