Noisettes is a pop-rock band founded in 2003 in London. The group was already several times in the British charts.

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Band History

The band was created in 2003 from the collaboration of guitarist Dan Smith and Shingai Shoniwa of the singer and bassist, both members of the band " Sonarfly " were back then. The two got themselves drummer Jamie Morrison to and during the winter had their first live gigs. The first EP Three Moods of the Noisettes came out in April 2005 at the London indie rock label "Side Salad Records ".

The band soon signed on a contract with the major label Universal Music Group, the EP in the U.S. brought out under the label name " Low Altitude ". The next single, " Iwe ", appeared in the " transgressive " label, followed by "Scratch Your Name" at Mercury / Side Salad Records. All subsequent recordings published by Vertigo Records.

Originally started as punk rock, the three musicians have 2007 elected to succeed with a more pleasing sound of soul, disco funk and indie pop. The two releases of "Scratch Your Name" are an example. Basically, they make for their songs bonds in all sorts of styles: Rockabilly ( Do not Give Up ), Hard Rock ( Scratch Your Name ) electropop (24 hours ).

The family from Zimbabwe coming charismatic singer Shoniwa is often praised as a new punk -soul " goddess ". These likewise contribute their creative and fancy clothes, their pronounced self-confidence and her extraordinary vocal qualities that can change in an instant of hauchzart to " pulverizing wild".

The Noisettes have announced for their second album, present a kind of musical concept album "as the first Portishead album had a different sound ."

In January 2009, the song " Do not Upset the Rhythm" was utilized in a Mazda advertising. It is the second single from the album "Wild Young Hearts ", which was officially delivered in April 2009.

Noisettes have made extensive tours through the clubs in Europe and the United States. They were the opening act at the Babyshambles, Bloc Party and Muse. Multiple songs were integrated of them in current computer games. The Noisettes song "Scratch Your Name" was embedded in the final episode of The Sopranos (2007).

For the album presentation tour you have to be invited as a support changing local rock bands.

The third album of the converted into a duo of singer Shoniwa and guitarist Smith Noisettes named Contact and released in late August 2012. It marks the now flawless pop direction of the band, which creates sound from many quotations recognizable, danceable pop.



  • What 's the Time Mr. Wolf? (February 5, 2007 and April 17, 2007 in the U.S.)
  • Wild Young Hearts (April 2009)
  • Contact ( 2012)


  • Three Moods of the Noisettes (11 April 2005)
  • What's the Time Mini - Wolf? (26 December 2006) - digital download exclusively from iTunes


  • " IWE " (20 January 2006)
  • "Scratch Your Name" (June 12, 2006; re-released 7 May 2007)
  • " Do not Give Up " (20 November 2006)
  • " Sister Rosetta ( Capture the Spirit ) " (29 January 2007)
  • " The Count of Monte Cristo" (3 September 2007)
  • " Wild Young Hearts" (December 29, 2008)
  • "Never Forget You " (September 2009)
  • " Every Now and Then " (April 2010)
  • " That Girl " (2012)


  • " NME Presents: Independent Thinking: Transgressive Records " with " IWE " as track 6
  • " Love Music Hate Racism " with "Shame" on Disc 2 Track 12
  • " The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 " soundtrack with " Sister Rosetta ( Capture the Spirit ) " as track 8
  • " St Trinian's: Original Soundtrack " with " Do not Give Up " as track 5