North American Boxing Federation

The North American Boxing Federation ( NABF ) is a company established by the World Association WBC 1969 regional organization in professional boxing, which awards the title of " North American Master ". It is associated with the WBC, so that reigning NABF Champions are often found in the WBC rankings on front seats and are listed as mandatory challenger for the world title of the WBC.

The first fight of the NABF was held on December 6, 1969 in Las Vegas, heavyweight championship between Leotis Martin and Sonny Liston. Leotis Martin won the fight by whacked in round 9 and thus became the first NABF champion. 1970 first title fights at middleweight, lightweight, featherweight and bantamweight were held in 1971 followed the Light Heavyweight - Light Middleweight, Welter and super featherweight. 1973 was added in the flyweight and 1976, the Light Welterweight. In the following years championships were on the Super Bantamweight (1977 ), cruiser and light flyweight (1979 ), and expanded the super middleweight (1988). Only in 1990 was added the super flyweight and 1998, finally, the sparse straw weight, making the NABF discharging current title fights in all weight classes of professional boxing.

Among the most famous honorees included Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Wladimir Klitschko, Thomas Hearns, Sugar Ray Leonard, Yuriorkis Gamboa and Erik Morales.