World Boxing Council

The World Boxing Council (WBC ) is a company based in Mexico Boxing Association, which organizes official fights and gives the WBC world title in professional boxing.


The association was founded in 1963 and established itself as the first of the World Boxing Association (WBA ) from. In 1978 he determined with Ken Norton its own heavyweight champion when he could not compete against Leon Spinks. He is regarded as one of the ablest managed associations with title holders like Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao and Hasim Rahman. At the top stood for more than 38 years until his death in January 2014, the veteran Jose Sulaiman.

Near- bankruptcy

In 1998, the reigning titlist Roy Jones Jr. expressed to the effect that he did not fight in the future in the light heavyweight and would change the weight class. Without consultation with Jones, who wanted to know these expressions understood as non-binding letter of intent, the Association arranged a fight for the supposedly " vacant " title between Graciano Rocchigiani and Michael Nunn, the won the German. As Jones about his plans took distance, he got back from the WBC title. Rocchigiani told you, there had been a mistake, and he sued the association. On 7 May 2003, it was decided in New York in his favor and awarded him the sum of 31 million dollars. The WBC presented a bankruptcy petition and tried to obtain a comparison. Mid- July 2004 Rocchigiani replied to the offer of settlement of $ 4.5 million.

In November 2004 he received the first payment in the amount of 1.5 million dollars. The rest of the 4.5 million gets the Berlin until 2014 in the form of an annual rate of $ 300,000.

Competing organizations

In addition to the competition organization WBA, IBF was established in 1983, with Larry Holmes had equal a known heavyweight.

In 1988 the WBO and nearly a dozen other associations established, of which only the WBU in the UK plays a greater role.


1990 thought the WBC seriously about it, "Buster " Douglas deny the title after his sensational knockout win over Mike Tyson, because the referee had counted too slow, as Douglas himself was on the ground before. To this end, the British Boxzeitschrift "Boxing Monthly":

" Tyson's promoter, Don King at that time, tried this result be declared to be invalid because the referee Octavio Meyran Douglas had one slowly, as the challenger was knocked down in the eighth round. He said that the record of the struggle shows that Douglas was longer than ten seconds on the ring floor. As Meyran but the wrong Anzähltakt took over from the timekeeper, Douglas did just what he needed to do, which is to be with nine top and exit the stall count with it. Initially WBC President Sulaiman seemed really willing to take the proposal to Kings and not to evaluate the battle. However, the IBF announced immediately recognize Douglas as the new world champion. The WBA announced that they would recognize Douglas. The WBC followed then later their example. "