Northern Province, Rwanda

The Northern Province ( in Kinyarwanda Intara y'Amajyaruguru, French Province du Nord, English Northern Province ) is a province of Rwanda. It was made with the introduction of a new management structure on 1 January 2006 from the biggest parts of the former provinces of Byumba and Ruhengeri and the northern part of Kigali Rural. The northern province consists of the five districts Burera, Gakenke, Gicumbi, Musanze and Rulindo. Its capital is Byumba.


Another city is Ruhengeri. The landscape of the Northern Province is uneven and marked by high mountains, including volcanoes of the Virunga volcano chain. The highest elevation is the Karisimbi.


The most important source of income is agriculture. In industry, there are especially two factories. In the mining sector tungsten, coltan, tin, rocks and sand are mined. Five transport companies take care of the public roads, transport by water is possible on lakes and rivers. In Mukungwa and Ntaruka there are two major hydropower plants.


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