The NRW-Liga was one of the ten top leagues which constitute the fifth- highest league in the German men's soccer. The league consisted of 18 teams from the state of North Rhine -Westphalia, who played for the promotion to the Regionalliga or against relegation in the fifth division. The League took on 15 August 2008 on the operation of gambling and replaced the previous top leagues of North Rhine Westphalia and. The last champion was the FC Viktoria Köln. After the 2011/12 season the league was dissolved.


Committees of the three West German Football and Athletics Association ( WFLV) were found member associations ( Football Association Middle Rhine (FVM ), Football Verband Niederrhein ( FVN ) and Football and Athletics Association of Westphalia ( FLVW ) ) had decided the two former top leagues Westphalia, North Rhine at the end dissolve the season 2007 /08 and to establish the beginning of the game in 2008/09 as a single-track NRW-Liga then fifth- highest division in German football.

As a qualifying period 2007/ 08 was drawn up. The economic and technical-organizational prerequisites were established by the Bureau of WFLV who has the ownership of this game class in a " NRW-Liga Statute ". The following teams qualified for the first season:

  • Schwarz-Weiß Essen, SSVg Velbert, MSV Duisburg II, Germania Dattenfeld, Alemannia Aachen II, Bonner SC Fortuna Dusseldorf II and from the Oberliga Nordrhein 2007/08.
  • Fortuna Köln as runner-up of the federation League Middle Rhine as substitutes instead of the Master VfL Leverkusen ( see below) and Rot-Weiss Essen II as a master of Association League Lower Rhine.
  • Westfalia Herne, SV Schermbeck, Hammer SpVg, FC Gütersloh 2000 Delbrücker SC, Arminia Bielefeld II and Sportfreunde Oestrich- Iserlohn from the Oberliga Westfalen 2007/08. The sports enthusiasts from Oestrich- Iserlohn had not initially qualify as a league of 14, but drew upon the resignation of Rot Weiss Ahlen II for Germania Gladbeck (see below) after.
  • VfB Hüls and SG Wattenscheid 09 as a master of both associations, leagues Westphalia.
  • In addition, the Sportfreunde Siegen received in a subsequent licensing process, the license for the NRW-Liga after the DFB had denied the club due to an ongoing insolvency proceedings, the license for the new Regional so that the NRW-Liga played in the first year with 19 clubs.

The athletic teams qualified from Germania Gladbeck and VfL Leverkusen did not receive approval for the NRW-Liga. The League started on Friday, 15 August 2008, the game Schwarz-Weiß Essen against Arminia Bielefeld II

Ascent and descent control

From 2008 to 2011

  • The first and second places qualify for promotion to the Regionalliga West.
  • It will descend at least the teams from rank 17, ie at 18 and 19 participants there are at least two or three relegated. However, the number of losers is additionally increased by the number of relegated clubs from the West Regional. As up to three clubs can descend from the Regional, this can result in 18 participating teams to a maximum of five losers from the NRW-Liga.
  • Rise to sign in the NRW-Liga are the four masters of the subsequent association leagues: Westphalia (2 seasons ), Middle Rhine and Lower Rhine. If a candidate from a playgroup not accepted, the next climb legitimate team in the respective division is qualified in its place, provided that they fulfill the admission requirements.
  • Usually take part 18 teams at the NRW-Liga.


At the end of the season 2011/ 12, the NRW-Liga is dissolved (order of WFLV Advisory Council of 17 May 2011).

  • For promotion to the Regionalliga West, the clubs / teams can in positions one to three of the Final Table 2011/12 sports qualify and ascend.
  • The clubs / teams in positions four to seven of the Final Table 2011/12, the NRW-Liga and the sporty skilled masters of the Association leagues ( one each from the football associations Middle Rhine and Lower Rhine, and two from the Football and Athletics Association of Westphalia ) determine in a qualifying round / Relegation round four more climbers.
  • The inferior clubs / teams from the games of the ascent / Relegation Round are associated with the appropriate divisions of the national associations.
  • The clubs / teams from the eighth place with the lowest score and placement in the final table of the game year 2011/12 are also assigned to the respective divisions of the national associations.

Season budgets


  • Most goals in a season shot Mike Wunderlich from FC Viktoria Köln, in the season 2011/12 met 32 times.
  • Most people came to the meeting Rot-Weiss Essen - Schwarz-Weiß Essen on matchday 23 of the 2010/11 season (3-0) 5 March 2011 There were 12,512 spectators at the Georg- Melches Stadium. .
  • The highest win was Viktoria Köln against Rot Weiss Ahlen on April 1, 2012 in the season 2011/12 (final result 9:0 ).
  • The fewest goals in a season (2011 /12) conceded the Sportfreunde Siegen ( 23 goals in 34 games ).