The abbreviation NS stands for:

  • National Socialism (or National Socialism ), and NS for national socialist in proper names
  • Radio NS, Kazakh radio stations
  • Name server, Internet Service
  • NS resource record, a record of a DNS server
  • NS records, a former right rock label from Denmark
  • National Democratic Swiss Confederation, Swiss Party
  • Postscript or postscript see Postscript
  • National Semiconductor, an American semiconductor manufacturer
  • Naujoji Sąjunga ( Socialliberalai ), Lithuanian party
  • Subordinate clause, linguistic unit
  • Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Dutch Railways
  • Nervous system, totality of nerve and glial cells in an organism
  • Netscape, American software company and its products
  • New Serbia ( Нова Србија ), Serbian Party
  • Neutral stimulus, see Classical conditioning
  • Lower Silesia, West part of Silesia
  • Low voltage, voltage range of the power supply
  • Norfolk Southern Railway (1990 ), American Railroad Company
  • Standard ground for glassware in chemistry
  • Nova Scotia, Canadian Province
  • Nuclear Ship (Atom ship), prefixes of ship names
  • Nucleic acid macromolecule
  • Zero point term in the mathematical analysis
  • Number switches, electronic control panel
  • Pee, a scene typical name in the field of Urophilie
  • Samoa after the ICAO code

NS as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • UK: Stockton -on-Tees
  • Moldova: Rajon Nisporeni
  • Serbia: Novi Sad

The abbreviation NS stands for:

  • Nimbostratus, a cloud shape
  • Newton - seconds, a unit for the pulse in physics

The abbreviation ns stands for:

  • Nanosecond, a time unit
  • Nice shot, Slang in multiplayer modes

The abbreviation nS stands for:

  • Disambiguation
  • Abbreviation