NTA is an abbreviation for:

  • National Television Awards, a British TV award
  • Natural Sciences and Technology Academy Isny, a private university in Isny
  • Network Termination analog subscriber line, see Network Termination
  • Network technology assessment, a network of scientists, experts and practitioners of technology assessment
  • New ticket vending machine, an abbreviation used by the Deutsche Bahn long-distance ticket machines
  • Neutral Threaded Apartment, behavior of components of the Component Object Model in computer science, see Component Object Model # Apartments
  • Low temperature asphalt, asphalt processable at low temperatures
  • Nigerian Television Authority, a state TV station in Nigeria
  • Nitrilotriacetic acid, nitrilotriacetic acid, a nitrogenous organic complexing
  • Northern Thunderbird Air, a Canadian airline ( ICAO code )
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