NX (Unigraphics)

NX is an interactive CAD / CAM / CAE system. Originally developed by Unigraphics Solutions based on the Parasolid modeling kernel own, the company was acquired by Siemens and has since been trading as Siemens PLM Software, which develop and distribute the software.

The software has a complex license model: features of the program are divided into " applications " with general functionality and there are bundled in special packages. Functions can be used only if the corresponding performance package is enabled. The parent application is Gateway NX, NX what each user must have a license. The other applications are optional and can be configured individually depending on the user. Last supported by the manufacturer version is 7.5.5 ( until 31 March 2014 ). Older versions are no longer supported. With the NX9 version only a 64- bit version is available; 64- bit support was parallel to the 32 -bit version, implemented with the NX4.

Computer Aided Design ( CAD)

The CAD capabilities automate common design, drafting and drawing work in today's manufacturing operations. NX is a fully three-dimensional system with double-precision, which allows the exact description of almost any geometric shape. By connecting these shapes can be used for drawing products generated are analyzed and generated.

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM )

The CAM functions provide NC programming for modern machine tools using the NX design model for the description of the finished part.

Upon completion of construction, the application " manufacturing" (manufacturing) selecting the part descriptive geometry, entering production data as the tool diameter, and generates a source file for the tool positioning ( Cutter Location Source File, CLSF ) allows that the controlling most NC machines can be used.

From the existing geometry even data for CNC cutting machines can be read.

Computer Aided Engineering ( CAE)

The CAE functions offer many possibilities for the simulation of products, components and parts services in all areas of construction.

  • NXopen (Java, C , Visual Basic using the software platform. NET)
  • Knowledge Fusion ( file format dfa )