Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene (often abbreviated as OCS ) is a British pop - rock band from Birmingham, who had their greatest success in the Britpop era in the second half of the 1990s.

Band History

In the 1980s, singer Simon Fowler and bassist Damon Minchella were members of the rock band Fanatics. Drummer Oscar Harrison first played at Echo Base and then joined the Fanatics on. After the end of the tape, with initially three in 1989 along with Steve Cradock Ocean Colour Scene. Pianist and guitarist Cradock previously played in a band called The Boys and met the other three at a concert of the Stone Roses. Musically, they went back to this band and they were then assigned to the Madchester scene.

The four musicians were the independent label! Phfft below and published a year later their first singles. They got expectant reviews and Today Yesterday they had in 1991 a moderate success in the UK charts. However, before they could release their debut album, her label was taken over by larger Fontana label. Under the new leadership, their album has been revised several times, even with the help of well-known producers such as Jimmy Miller and Tim Palmer, but when it finally appeared in 1992, it proved to be a flop. Four years took the band to recover from the failure. They had to be freed from the unproductive collaboration with Fontana and were afterwards because with debt. At the same time they got the support of Paul Weller, who took 1993 as the opening act for a concert and the musicians at times recorded in his band. Cradock also played on Weller's album Wild Wood. The following year, they were engaged by Noel Gallagher of Oasis for their first major tour as a backing band. From the success and the emerging Britpop movement and advertising by Gallagher, who took her to the conversation again and again, Ocean Colour Scene benefited and 1995 she signed a new record deal with MCA.

One year they needed to complete a second album: Moseley Shoals By 1996 they had their big break. The album debuted at # 2 on the UK charts and sold over a million copies, which made them triple platinum. Three songs of the album came in the top ten of the singles charts.

Already in the following year saw the album Marchin 'Already, with which they were able to follow directly on from the success. It was a number one in the LP charts and spawned three more Top Ten hits. In 1998 she went on a sold-out UK tour. However, despite the great success in the home they could not gain a foothold abroad. The fourth album by the band One from the Modern provided them with the only position 92 chart position in Germany. On the album worked with Paul Weller and his drummer Steve White and Brian Travers of UB40. It reached number 4 in the UK in 1999. Two years later, another sold out UK tour and Mechanical Wonder another top ten album.

2003 Damon Minchella left after a dispute Ocean Colour Scene. He then played for a long time Paul Weller and started their own projects. Dan Sealey on bass and Andy Bennett as another guitarist were added newly. But the other members started alongside various projects and Steve Cradock published in 2010 a solo album entitled The Kundalini Target, but all remained faithful to the band. During the 2000s published Ocean Colour Scene on regular albums, but the popularity of the band was always more after. In 2007 she had her way so far last hit single with I Told You. Although their albums were still in the charts, but there were only moderately successful. The tenth studio album, Painting, 2013 reached number 49 in the UK charts in February.

Band Members

  • Stephen Cradock (born August 22, 1969 ); Electric guitar and backing vocals
  • Simon Fowler (born May 25, 1965 ); Vocals and acoustic guitar
  • Oscar Harrison (born April 15, 1965 ); Drums and backing vocals
  • Dan Sealey ( born 8 April 1977); Bass ( from 2003)
  • Andy Bennett, guitar ( from 2003)

Former member




  • Live on the Riverboat ( Simin & Oscar ) (2002 )
  • OCS Live: One for the Road (2004)
  • Ocean Colour Scene - The BBC Sessions (2007)



  • One of Those Days (1990 )
  • Sway (1990 )
  • Giving It All Away (1992 )
  • I Just Got Over You ( 2007)
  • Go to Sea (2007)
  • Margic Carpet Days (2010)
  • Saturday (2010)