OE stands for:

  • The umlaut Ö, ö oe of, in other Latin alphabets also Ø Œ or
  • Oecusse (District), East Timor
  • Engl. original equipment, original equipment ', see Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • The aircraft identification from Austria
  • OU
  • Organizational Development
  • English oil equivalent
  • The East German Eisenbahn GmbH ( in station plans)
  • Outlook Express
  • Orientation unit
  • Without limitation, common formulation in mathematical proofs
  • Saudi Arabia to the ICAO code
  • Germany: Kreis Olpe

Oe stands for the units:

Ōe called:

  • Ōe ( Yamagata ), a town on the Japanese prefecture of Yamagata
  • Ōe ( Kyoto ), a former municipality in the Japanese prefecture of Kyoto

Ōe is the name of:

  • Kenzaburo Oe ( born 1935 ), Japanese writer and Nobel
  • Ōe Sueo (1914-1941), Japanese athlete
  • Teruko Ōe (born 1969 ), Japanese marathon runner

O e stands for:

  • Mentioned above ( w. o e - as mentioned above)

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