Oeversee (Amt)

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The Office Oeversee is an office in the district of Schleswig-Flensburg, in Schleswig- Holstein. It comprises the three communities Oeversee, Sieverstedt and Tarp.

The development of this area was influenced firstly by the location on the glacial valley of the treene, and by the proximity to the regional center of Flensburg. A significant proportion also had the stationing of Naval Air Wing 2 in Tarp. The place today under center, is the seat of office management and considers all aspects of daily life offers extensive ready.

Especially attractive for locals and tourism are the recreation area Frörup mountains that treene, the Sankelmaker lake, leisure pools in Tarp and Sieverstedt and the village structure in many districts still preserved. The churches in Oeversee and Sieverstedt are over 800 years old.


On 1 March 2008 the merged municipalities Oeversee and Sankelmark. The name of the newly formed community Oeversee has been agreed.


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