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The office of Central Fishing is an office in the center of the landscape fishing in the district of Schleswig -Flensburg, in Schleswig- Holstein with administrative headquarters in Satrup, community means fishing. In the community Sörup the Office maintains a civil office. The office is adjacent to the office Langballig in the north, to the Office Geltinger Bay in the west, the Office Suederbrarup to the southeast, the Office Südangeln in the southwest and the Office Hürup in the northwest.

Official members of communities with its districts (OT)

  • Means fishing with the OT Esmark, Bonde bridge, dam Holm, large dog, Havetoftloit, small dog, Moss W, Nackholz, Obdrup, Hatteshuus, Raven Kiel, Rehberg, Rehberg wood, male street dog Süderholz, Satrup, Satrupholm, Satrupkirchenholz, and Torsballig
  • Schnarup - Thumby with the OT Eslingholz, Klaholz, Köhnholz, Lüttholm, Schnarup, Thumby, Thumby -West, Thumbyfeld and Thumbyhassel
  • Sörup with the OT Barg, Flatzby, Gammelby, Hardesby, Hollehitt, Moss W, mill wood, Schwensby, Sörupholz, Sörupmühle, Südensee and Winderatt


In 1947 the office as office based in Satrup Satrup was formed. He then belonged to the municipalities Satrup, Esmark, Rehberg, male and Obdrup.

In the course of municipal reform of 1970, the municipalities Satrup, Esmark, Rehberg and Obdrup merged to Satrup community and the communities Havetoftloit, Torsballig and Schnarup - Thumby were incorporated in the administration.

On 1 January 2008, the then municipality and Sörup joined the office and the office changed its name to Office means fishing. On March 1, 2013, Havetoftloit, male and Satrup merged to community resources fishing.

Coat of arms

Blazon: "On silver sign foot, in two wavy blue threads of gold and blue diagonally left divided. Above, left diagonally placed upright and with the blue sheet to the right, a scythe with red stem, below a golden wheel with eleven spokes. "

The scythe shown already in the arms of the former Office Satrup is the ancient symbol of Satrupharde (see also: Fish Coat of Arms).