Offenburg station

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The Offenburg Train Station of Baden-Württemberg town of Offenburg is one of the major hubs of rail traffic in South Baden. Here, the two main routes of the Rhine Valley line (Mannheim -Basel ) and the beginning of Offenburg in the Black Forest Railway hit after singing, go beyond Offenburg various regional lines from. The passenger station has seven tracks on four platforms. In Offenburg the name " Offenburg Hauptbahnhof" is widely used as a demarcation line breakpoint Offenburg county school center. The Offenburg station is performed in the operating railway official list of posts under the name RO.

The station had a major economic significance for the railway town of Offenburg, this has lost due to the closure of the repair work and the marshalling yard. The latter is only partially used as a goods station, the repair shop has since been torn down to two outbuildings. The train station is about one kilometer north of the center and can be reached by several bus lines 18, 50 meters away from the central bus station Offenburg (ZOB ).

Track allocation

  • Track 1 is the long-distance transport direction Freiburg
  • Track 2 of the regional transport direction Freiburg
  • Track 3 long-distance traffic towards Karlsruhe and individual RE towards Freiburg
  • Track 4 regional transport to Strasbourg and individual RE to Karlsruhe
  • Track 5 of the regional transport and single IC to Konstanz
  • Track 6 regional transport direction Karlsruhe
  • Track 7 regional transport direction Freudenstadt and Bad Griesbach

Long-distance traffic

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Regional Transport

On long-distance transport connection exists through the Ortenau S-Bahn ( OSB), the Offenburg Strasbourg, once connects Monday to Friday morning with Achern, with Bad Griesbach and Freudenstadt. In addition there are some trains to Oberharmersbach - Riersbach who go to Biberach together with the tensile member to Hausach / Freudenstadt, where they are separated or coupled. Until December 2006, there were trains Ortenau S-Bahn to Hornberg, which is now reached only by the regional express trains to / from Constance.


On the outskirts of Baden Mainline station opened in 1844 and was given by Friedrich Eisenlohr a smaller version of the reception building of the old train station Karlsruhe. With several extensions to the train station a four permanent engine shed and workshop facility had arisen from their renewal from 1902 to 1908, the repair work was Offenburg. During World War II, several attacks were made on the station. The worst of it brought on 22 July 1918, four full hits the entire central building of the reception building to collapse. By occupying Offenburg and Appen Weiers due to the occupation of the Ruhr in February 1923, the Badische main course was interrupted. Therefore, the features of the Baden Mainline had to be diverted via Donaueschingen, Hausach, Freudenstadt and high village towards Pforzheim until 12 December 1923. In World War II was built as a bypass south of the station a 1.18 km long connecting curve between the Rhine Valley Railway and the Black Forest Railway, which was in operation from 1940 to 1947 and was soon removed it.

In 1989 was first considered to outsource Offenburg station. Possible locations Appenweier or Windschläg were then under discussion. Ultimately the project failed but the protest of Offenburg citizens who did not want to give up their station, which is also a symbol of the city.

Since June 2007, at TGV trains from Paris via Strasbourg and Stuttgart to Munich. Therefore, a half hour with Ortenau S-Bahn railcar from Offenburg to Strasbourg was introduced since June 10, 2007 at times. For this, for example, all still ending Ortenau S -Bahn trains were extended from Kehl to Strasbourg.

2004, a new platform was built and the former goods Track 7 made ​​passable for passenger trains. This track relieves the tracks 5 and 6 the end of 2006 all platform canopies were provided with new roof panels. In 2007, the track 3 was renewed. In July 2009, the southern part of the platforms was increased at the tracks 1/2 and 3/4 and extended. The platforms are accessible by passenger lifts. By the end of October 2009, the South underpass tunnel was pushed to the back and Oststadt to a new bus stop ( train station / east side ) built so that the Oststadt is better connected to the road since 22 October 2009. 2013 here the wheel house was opened, a fully automated bicycle parking garage modeled after the smart towers.

A reconstruction of the station building was planned for the period from the end of 2008, but is now not complete. The Europe-wide call for proposals ran between November 2006 and January 2007.

Future Plans

The Rhine Valley line south of Offenburg and particularly the Offenburg Train Station in the direction of Freiburg im Breisgau are considered bottleneck, as only two tracks for the national goods, the half-hourly to hourly regional, as well as the approximately two hourly long-distance transport are available. The plan, therefore, is the construction of a third and fourth track between Offenburg and Basel, but while there are strong protests from local residents who prefer the tunnel variant below the western city. This variant, however, in turn criticized by the residents of the Western town.

No changes to the rail system of the station are in the course of the new and upgraded line, except noise barriers, are provided.

Pictures of Offenburg station