OK, OK! , O.K. is an abbreviation for:

  • Czech Airlines, Czech Airlines after the IATA code
  • Kuwait to the ICAO code
  • Maxilla, in dentistry
  • High command, see the command authority
  • Open Church ( Württemberg), Evangelical Association in Germany
  • Open Channel, local or regional Fernseh-/Radiosender whose program is designed mainly of citizens
  • Center for Contemporary Art Upper Austria
  • OK!, Song of the hip-hop producer Melbeatz
  • OK ( album ), a solo album ( 1998) by Talvin Singh, who won the Mercury Music Prize
  • OK dinghy single-handed sailboat class
  • OK! Magazine, German magazine
  • OK reactor Soviet nuclear reactor type
  • Okay, colloquial term of the agreement
  • Okay ( band ) (also OK), German band from the 1980s
  • Oklahoma, American State as postal abbreviation
  • Organizing Committee
  • Organized crime groups that pursue criminal objectives systematically
  • Gasoline fuel, see Motor Gasoline
  • Oreiller - Killy piste, ski in the French ski resort of Val d'Isere
  • Czech Republic as an aviation identifier

OK as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Landkreis flange ( for Ohrekreis )
  • Netherlands: semi-trailer
  • Austria: Consul in Upper Austria
  • Poland: powiat Kędzierzyńsko - Kozielski in the Opole Voivodeship

Ok, O.K., ok stands for:

  • O.k. (Film), German anti-war film
  • Ok ( language family ), Group of the Trans - New Guinea languages ​​in Papua New Guinea
  • Ok ( daily newspaper ), Austrian daily newspaper
  • Ok ( volcano) on Iceland

Ok is the surname of the following persons:

  • Simon Ok Hyun- jjn ( b. 1968 ), South Korean minister, Auxiliary Bishop of Kwangju

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