Old Acquaintance

Connected in friendship is an American feature film from the year 1943. The film was based on the play " Old Acquaintance " by John Van Druten.


The award-winning writer Kit Marlowe comes back to her hometown in 1924. There she is greeted by her childhood friend Millie. Millie is now married to Preston Drake and expecting her first child. First, Millie avoids contact with her ​​old friend, what is this angry. When it finally comes to a meeting, learns kit that Millie has literary ambitions. She has written a first novel and is convinced that it will be a bestseller.

Years later, the two women meet again again. The Drakes have an eight year old daughter and Millie has brought with it popular novels now to wealth. Now they have come to New York to see the premiere of Kit Marlowe's new play. However, Millie's marriage is in crisis. Her husband is offended by Millies great success and drinks regularly. On the day of the premiere told Preston Drake kit that he actually loved her. However, Kit has him back with the note that Millie would always stand between them. She tries to save the marriage of her friend. But Preston leaves Millie and daughter Deirdre.

Ten years later, the U.S. is in the Second World War. Kit works for the American Red Cross collects and radio broadcasts money. Preston Drake is now a soldier and hear these radio broadcasts. He calls Kit and arranges to meet her. Kit agrees, but sends her young lover Rudd Kendall together with Preston's daughter Deirdre as a surprise for him. But Preston has a surprise. He intends to remarry. The next day, Rudd gets his entry into the army command. Rudd asks Kit to marry him immediately. But Kit refuses, because of the large age difference of the two. Rudd is disappointed and meets with Deirdre. Spend a day with each other and fall in love.

Preston meets meanwhile with Millie and tells her of his desire to remarry. He wants to see in the future, his daughter Deirdre often. In this interview, he admits that he was once in love with Kit Marlowe. Millie is furious and jealous. She tells her daughter Deirdre, that kit once wanted to be her husband and bears the blame for the failure of the marriage. In the evening reported Rudd kit that he has fallen in love with Deirdre. Kit is initially shocked. Nevertheless, she is looking at Deirdre, who is no longer good to talk to them. However, you can convince them that Rudd was the right choice for their future. Finally, Millie realizes that her old friend Kit is not minded her hostile. You visited and ask for forgiveness. She describes that evening her new book project about two old friends. The two women drinking on the success of this project.


" Superficially vorbeiinszeniert to psychological and moral problems. Remarkable: Bette Davis in an additional idealized by national pathos role of a high-minded emancipated ".