Oleg Menshikov

Oleg Menshikov (Russian Олег Евгеньевич Меньшиков, scientific transliteration Oleg Evgen'evič Men'šikov; born November 8, 1960 in Serpukhov near Moscow ) is a Russian actor. 1977-1981 he attended the Theatre School MS Shchepkin in Moscow. He then worked for a year at the Maly Theatre, the oldest theater in Moscow before he ( театр Центральный советской армии ) as part of his three years of military service to the Central Theater of the Soviet Army arrived. After finishing his military Menshikov was a member of the 1985-1989 Yermolova Theatre. After that he was not a regular member of a theater ensemble more, but still plays in Russia and abroad theater: he won the 1992 Laurence Olivier Award for his role in When She Danced at the side of Vanessa Redgrave in the ( former ) Globe Theatre in London. Since April 2012, Menshikov is head of Yermolova Theatre.

A larger audience was Menshikov known as a film actor. In the Soviet Union he obtained early by the 1982 film shot Pokrovsky Gate ( Покровские ворота ) celebrity. He received international recognition in particular for his starring role in the film The sun that deceives us, which won the Oscar for non- English language films in 1994. 2003 Menshikov was named People's Artist of the Russian Federation ( Народный артист Российской Федерации ).

Filmography (selection)

TV series (selection)

  • 2003: Prime Suspect 6 - The Last Witness (Prime Suspect 6 - The Last Witness )
  • 2006: The golden calf ( Золотой телёнок )
  • 2006: Doctor Zhivago ( Доктор Живаго )