Omineca River

Omineca River in 1913

The Omineca River is a tributary of the Williston Lake in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

It rises east of Bear Lake in the British Columbia Interior. The river flows in the upper reaches in a south-southeast direction. In Old Hogem the Omineca River turns east, passing the place Germansen Landing and turns to the north, before he finally empties into the Omineca Arm of Williston Lake. The lower reaches of the river from Old Hogem is located in the Omineca Provincial Park and Protected Area. The largest tributary is the River Osilinka that hits from the left on the Omineca River just upstream of the mouth. The Omineca River has a length of about 220 km. Its catchment area covers 7000 km ². The mean runoff upstream of the confluence of the River Osilinka is 90 m³ / s Prior to the establishment of the W. - A. - C. Bennett Dam and the formation of the Williston Lake, flowed the Omineca River a little further. He took earlier still the Mesilinka River from the left before the right side resulted in the Finlay River.

The Omineca River has no particular rapids, so that he is regarded as an easy-to -traveled canoe river. For the fish fauna of the river belongs to the Arctic grayling.

The historical geographical region Omineca Country comprised the catchment area of ​​the Omineca River and adjacent areas. In the 1860s, the area was captured by the so-called Omineca gold rush.