W. A. C. Bennett Dam

The W. A. C. Bennett Dam at Hudson 's Hope in Canada is one of the largest dams of the earth. It is situated on the size of the storage space in 9th place


The dam of the Canadian Society BC Hydro serves, among other electricity generation from hydropower. The ten turbines shall each 273 MW, 2730 MW together.


The dam is an earth dam zone, 2040 m long and 183 m high. He shuts off the canyon of the Peace River in northern British Columbia. The spillway is located on the right slope and is 850 meters long and 30 meters wide. On the left slope is the inlet for the water power plant and the underground power house. It's called " Gordon M. Shrum Generating Station ".

The dam is named after WAC Bennett, a former Prime Minister of the Province of British Columbia. The resulting reservoir is called Williston Lake.