One Must Fall

One Must Fall (short: OMF ) is a fighting game series for the PC. The first game was developed by Diversions Entertainment and released in 1994 by Epic MegaGames. The game series and the manufacturer's website since 2009 are no longer available, but there were archived versions in the Internet Archive.


In One Must Fall: 2097 big robot fight in arenas that are equipped with some traps. In addition to elaborately staged scenes and the tournament mode was at that time the electronic background sound one of the highlights of the game. Are available for each of the robots available a total of 11 different moves - actions which fire as special weapons, teleport the player to other bodies or allow strength attacks. In addition to the robots, you can still choose one of ten characters that controls the robot. The characters have, for various properties which additionally transferred to the robot and thus a good combination is just as important for victory, as the control of the game mechanics.

It is possible for two people to play the game via keyboard or joystick and discharge the battles over a network.

History of development

The game was developed by brothers Rob and Ryan Elam, except for the sound system and the music independently for two. The music came from Kenny Chow, a demosceners ( there known as CCCatch ), which composed this in S3M format of Scream Tracker 3.0.

One Must Fall Beta

1993 One Must was published case, and is a Street Fighter inspired 2D beat ' em up The game, however, was to test the control and moves only a pre-release (beta ), and was later published as One Must Fall 2097. The later version was markedly different in gameplay and other aspects of the beta version.

One Must Fall: 2097

The special feature was an added tournament mode, with which, after successful wins cash rewards gets too can upgrade with better equipment to his robot in order to ensure a successful and thus can more tournaments to get one of the coveted top places.

The game was later released as freeware.


One Must Fall was honored by Home of the Underdogs as a top dog and was inducted into the Hall of Fame by GameSpy in 2003 retrospectively.

One Must Fall: Battlegrounds

When One Must Fall: Battlegrounds is the successor to OMF 2097, which was released in 2003 and was published by Tri Synergy. The game is available for the PC, but did not appear in Germany. It is located in a full 3D environment while his robot from the third perspective controls.

In addition to the new 3D graphics engine are also new game modes and robots that one has for both playing as well as opponents, included. The game has also been extended to include new arenas, stadiums and arenas in the open air, which are again equipped with traps and power-ups.