Open Software Foundation

The Open Software Foundation (OSF ) was a software consortium, which was founded in 1988 by AT & T, Bull, HP, IBM, DEC, Nixdorf, Olivetti, Philips, and Siemens to develop new open industry standards for Unix operating systems that are independent of that of AT & T system V are developed. 1996, the OSF merged with X / Open the Open Group.

  • Use the Unix derivative OSF / 1 ( later Digital UNIX, Tru64 later ) created the OSF having built on Mach UNIX -like operating system which favored the development of the GNU operating system.
  • With OSF / Motif, the OSF created a graphical user interface that determines how an application should look and behave, including placement of the title bars, menus, etc. Motif laid the basis for the Common Desktop Environment of the Open Group (see also Xfce ).