Oranje Boom ( " orange tree " ) is a Dutch beer brand Pilsner type and a formerly independent brewery. The beer was originally brewed later in Rotterdam, Breda. The brand is now part of Belgian InBev, the two breweries in Rotterdam and Breda are closed. The production will take place today at Dommelsch in Valkenswaard.

The history of the brewery dates back to 1671. Already in the following year d' Orangienboom was merged with the Rotterdam brewery de Dissel. In the history of the brewery followed by numerous changes of ownership. In a sale of the brewery in 1742 the name was changed into the Oranje boom.

In Breda, the brewery was founded in 1538 the boom, which was renamed in 1628 after the opposite blacksmith in de Drie Hoefijzers ( Three Horseshoes ). Only in 1968 were both breweries under the name Oranje Boom beer Brouwerij BV combined with its headquarters in Breda. Owner was the Dutch subsidiary of the British Allied Breweries, the Verenigde Bierbrouwerijen Breda -Rotterdam BV

To February 6, 1995 Oranje boom was taken over by the Belgian group Interbrew, today's InBev. Production in Breda was set on 29 May 2004. There now only remembers the Brewery Museum het Fust in this chapter Rotterdam and Bredaer economic history.