Orbest Orizonia Airlines

Orbest Orizonia Airlines, S. A. ( previously Iberworld Airlines, SA) was a Spanish airline based in Palma and based on the Palma airport. She was a subsidiary of the bankrupt Spanish tourism group Orizonia.


Founding and first years as Iberworld

The airline was founded under the name Iberworld in 1998 and adopted on 11 April 1998 in a leased from Classic Airways Lockheed L -1011 to operate on. Already on the following day, it received its first Airbus A320 -200, A320 was followed by four more by year-end and the L -1011 was returned to the lessor. In February 1998, met with an inherited Transavia Airbus A310 -300 fleet, the same year she also received her fifth A320. The first Airbus A330 -200 was eingeflottet 2001.

New concept as Orbest Orizonia

To May 1, 2011 Iberworld was renamed Orbest Orizonia and introduced a new corporate design. At the same time the concept was expanded by charter to scheduled flights.

On 10 December 2012, the sale of the airline by Orizonia to the Grupo Globalia, parent company of Air Europa, was announced. Orizonia filed for bankruptcy in the meantime, the competition authorities have so far not agreed to a takeover of Orbest Orizonia Airlines by Grupo Globalia concluded. Since February 15, 2013, therefore, a majority of the fleet on the ground and numerous flights had to be canceled, had to the company's website was shut down. In early March 2013, presented Orbest Orizonia their remaining aircraft to its Portuguese sister company Orbest and thus stopped operating completely.


As of December 2012, the fleet of Orbest Orizonia Airlines consisted of eight aircraft:

  • 6 Airbus A320 -200, each with 180 seats
  • 2 Airbus A330 -300, each with 388 seats