Órla Fallon

Orlagh Fallon Mary Louise ( born August 24, 1974 in Knockananna, County Wicklow, Ireland ), known as Órla Fallon, is an Irish soloist, composer, former member of the group Celtic Woman and the Chamber Choir Anúna.

Previous years and education

Fallon plays harp and sings traditional Irish music, mostly in the Irish language. She studied at the Mater Dei Institute of Education in Dublin. She has, inter alia, for the Pope and the President of Ireland played at Carnegie Hall.


Earlier career

Her debut album The Water is Wide, was released in Europe in 2000 and in North America in 2006. In 2005, she worked at together with Moya Brennan and other members of Clannad on the album Rubicon with the group The Duggan.

Celtic Woman

2004 Fallon sent a demo to the composer David Downes, who worked on a concept for Celtic Woman. Because of their unique voice Downes Fallon contacted and asked her if she would like to be a member of Celtic Woman. He thought only of an evening show. Fallon agreed.

Fallon sings on the eponymous album Celtic Woman, Celtic Woman: A Christmas Celebration and Celtic Woman: A New Journey as well as on the recorded PBS Special and DVD's of 2004, 2007, and 2006.

In 2005, she appeared on the North American tour in July 2006 on the A New Journey tour and from August 2007 to the second A New Journey tour.

2009 Fallon shared with that they will take a break and would like to spend more time with her family. Your place was taken by the actress and singer Alex Sharpe.

After Celtic Woman

2009 Fallon was a guest singer with Jim Brickman's "It's a Beautiful World " tour and PBS special. In September of the same year she released her second studio album, Distant Shore. In March 2010, followed by their third album, Music of Ireland: Welcome Home. In September 2010, she released her first Christmas album Winter, Fire & Snow: A Celtic Christmas Collection. In December 2010, Fallon released her second Christmas album Celtic Christmas. This was the first time that accommodates a former member of Celtic Woman her own PBS special.

In March 2011, followed by a new album, Órla Fallon: My Land, a PBS special.

2012, they released their album Lullaby Time.

Currently ( as of July 2013) is lead singer of the band Tin Cup Gypsy.

She is married to her husband John. Together they have a son Freddie.


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