Orlické hory


View from the Desch Neyer United Koppe about the Eagle Mountains

The Eagle Mountains ( Czech Orlické hory? / I, Polish Orlickie ) is an elongated ridge of over 1000 m altitude in the Czech Republic. A small part of the mountain range in the northeast is located in Poland. Earlier, it was also used as Erlitz Mountains, referred Grunwalder mountains or Mense Mountains.


The 50 km long and between three and eight kilometers wide mountain range is part of the Sudetes and forms the border between the Czech Republic and Poland. It starts in Olešnice v Orlických Horách ( Gießhübel ) and ends in Králíky ( Grulich ). The Wild Eagle, the distinction for parallel Habelschwerdter Mountains represent ( Bystrzyckie ), in the northern part of the valley in Reinerz Weistritz separates these mountains.

North includes the Cretaceous Stołowe with its striking sandstone rock. To the east beyond the between Králíky and Boboszów ( Bobischau ) follows situated Králický passport ( also pass by Mittelwalde, Polish Przełęcz Międzyleska ) the Śnieżnik Mountains.


In the mountains there are numerous attractions such as churches, monasteries, castles and palaces. Offers tourists the Eagle Mountains developed hiking and biking trails and in winter many ski trails. Among the well-known winter sports resorts include, inter alia, the Polish Zieleniec ( Grunwald ) with over 20 ski lifts.


By 1945, the Eagle Mountains was inhabited predominantly German, the population was dispossessed and displaced from their homes due to the Beneš decrees. Subsequently, many new citizens from the Czech inland, Czech repatriates, Slovaks and Roma moved into the region. The former population density was no longer achieved.

The best-known mountains of the Eagle Mountains

From northwest to southeast

  • High Mense (Polish Orlica, tschech. Vrchmezí ), 1084 m
  • Sattler Koppe ( Sedloňovský vrch ), 1050 m
  • Mitscherlich ( Šerlich ), 1027 m
  • Desch Neyer small Koppe ( Malá Deštná ), 1090 m
  • Desch Neyer United Koppe ( Velka Deštná ), 1115 m
  • Vřesník, 1097 m
  • Orel, 1099 m
  • Střední vrch, 1000 m
  • Tetřevec, 1043 m
  • Mückenberg ( Komáří vrch ), 992 m
  • Ernestine mountain ( Anenský vrch ), 991 m