Osei Kwame Panyin

Osei Kwame Panyin (1765-180? ) Was from 1777 to 1801 (according to other sources 1789 or 1803) the 5th Asantehene (ruler ) of the coming Kingdom of the Ashanti in Ghana today.

Kwame Panyin continued the reforms of his predecessor Osei Kwadwo, the so-called " Kwadwoschen reforms". Through these reforms, most incumbents were determined in Aschantireich by the Asantehene grounds of merit and ability, rather than as enlarged by heredity, and the power of the Asantehene. Kwame Panyins reign ended with his dismissal, escape to Dwaben and subsequent exile. The exact circumstances are disputed. One of the charges related to alleged plans to introduce Islamic law in Aschantireich; he should have banned about in various rites of human sacrifice.