P. W. Scharroo

Pieter Wilhelmus Scharroo ( born September 16, 1883 in The Hague; † August 19, 1963 ibid ) was a Dutch commander in the battle for the Meuse bridges in Rotterdam after the German invasion from the May 10, 1940 While on May 14, on the surrender. negotiated the city of Rotterdam Blitz took place.

After studying at the Royal Militaire Academie ( KMA) in Breda, he was from 1904 to 1940 an officer of the Engineering Corps and teachers of Hydraulic KMA. His career also took him to the Dutch East Indies.

He was involved in the construction of the Amsterdam Olympic Stadium and the organization of the Summer Olympics in 1928 and a longtime member of the IOC.

After his retirement, he worked as an independent consultant for construction and hydraulic engineering issues.


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  • Colonel (Netherlands)
  • Military person in World War II (Netherlands)
  • IOC member
  • Netherlander
  • Born in 1883
  • Died in 1963
  • Man