Passage Brady

The Passage Brady is a covered shopping arcade from the 19th century in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. The Passage Brady is March 7, 2002, a monument worthy of protection ( monument historique ).


The Passage Brady is between 46, rue du Faubourg -Saint -Denis, 33, Boulevard de Strasbourg, in a mixed residential and commercial area outside the former city walls, which were demolished in the 17th century, and in its place the Grands Boulevards were created. Château d' Eau is the nearest metro station of Line 4, which crosses Paris from south to north. The proximity of the Grands Boulevards has facilitated the construction of the passage.


The passage was named after its founder, M. Brady, named. It was inaugurated on 15 April 1828, its eastern portion, which reached up to the rue du Faubourg -Saint- Martin, in 1854 destroyed, as under Napoleon III. and the prefect Georges- Eugène Haussmann Boulevard de Strasbourg, a major axis from Châtelet to the Gare de l' Est, was created. Originally located about 100 stores were in the mall and apartments above the shops. The vaulted cellars were used as storerooms and workshops for craftsmen. Other passages are located nearby: Passage du Prado ( 10th arrondissement ), Passage du Caire (2nd arrondissement ), Passage Bourg l'Abbé - (2nd arrondissement ) and Passage du Grand -Cerf (2nd arrondissement ).

Today's state

The district now has a high proportion of immigrants and in the passage, which was for a long time not been renovated and therefore is very run down, are almost entirely Pakistani or Indian shops and restaurants, who are many tables in the passage. The glass roof is leaking and repaired only provisional; the ground, torn in many cases, has only remnants of his original patch. Located at the two inputs is damaged on the ground and incomplete mosaics with the name of the passage. Belonging to a community of owners who did not make any renovations, the passage degenerated years more and more. Since July 2013 renovations are taking place that are designed to improve the condition of the passage again.