Passaic River

Catchment areas of the Passaic River and Hackensack River

Great Falls of the Passaic River in Paterson, NJ

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The Passaic River [ pəseɪ.ɨk ] is a 129 km long river in the north of the U.S. state of New Jersey.

The headwaters of the Passaic River makes many river bends and meanders through the marshy area of the Great Swamp lowlands between the hills of urban and suburban northern New Jersey. He drained together with its tributaries the northern part of the state. The underflow is largely through urbanized and industrialized areas of New Jersey. He also happens to the center of Newark. The lower section of the river of the Passaic River is affected by serious pollution.


Tributaries of the Passaic River in upstream direction are:

  • First River ( a.k.a. Mill Brook )
  • Second River
  • Third River or River Yanticaw
  • McDonalds Brook
  • Weasel Brook
  • Saddle River Ho -Ho- Kus Brook
  • Deep Brook Full
  • Squaw Brook
  • Pequannock River Wanaque River
  • Mahwah River
  • Canoe Brook
  • Cory 's Brook
  • Dead River
  • Blackbrook
  • Great Brook
  • Loantaka Brook
  • Primrose Brook
  • Penn Brook
  • Indian Grove Brook
  • Naakpunkt Brook
  • Salt Brook