Pelephone (Hebrew פלאפון; literally wonder phone) is an Israeli mobile phone company. It was founded in 1986 as a joint venture between Motorola and Tadiran, but is now a 100 % subsidiary of the telecommunications company Bezeq. As Pelephone offered the first mobile communications in Israel, the word colloquially become a generic name for mobile phones ( Comparable to Natel in Switzerland) was.

The company employs around 4200 people and has approximately 2.4 million customers. The network originally started with the similar U.S. AMPS standard and used the 800 - and 850 - MHz band. In the 1990s, has been changed to the IS-95 standard which is based on the code division multiple access, and later expanded its 3G technology CDMA2000. Since 2009, the UMTS network in operation, which was upgraded in 2010 to the HSPA standard.