Peter Bonetti

Peter Phillip Bonetti ( born September 27, 1941 in Putney, London, England ), son of Swiss parents who immigrated from northern Italy, is a former football goalkeeper and was for Chelsea, the St. Louis Stars and the England national team active.

Chelsea Bonetti committed when he played in the youth team of FC Reading. Between 1959 and 1979 he was employed in a total of 729 games, which was a record at that time. In addition, he stayed during a season in 21 games without conceding a goal and had his encounters for Chelsea in 2/3 only accept a maximum of one goal. Towards the end of his career Bonetti spent one season in the North American professional league NASL, where he stood for the St. Louis Stars in goal. He holds in his last international match greater prominence when he as a replacement for Gordon Banks for a 2-0 lead three goals conceded against Germany to 2:3 final score in the quarterfinals of the 1970 World Cup in Mexico. This game was Bonetti single insert during a World Cup. In his other six appearances for England, he suffered only a goal.

After he finally left Chelsea in 1979, he moved to the Scottish Isle of Mull, to work as a postman. During his stay in Scotland he returned briefly to the sport of football and completed a series of games for Dundee United.

Bonetti held for a long time the record for most games played by a goalkeeper at a club until he was surpassed in the 1990s by Alan Knight, goalkeeper for Portsmouth FC.


  • Bonetti was during his playing days nicknamed "The Cat".
  • He was in the squad the England team that won the World Cup in 1966. There, however, he did not play.
  • Soccer goalkeeper (England)
  • Born in 1941
  • Man
  • English
  • European Football Cup Winners' Cup Winners