Peter Madsen (cartoonist)

Peter Madsen ( Aarhus born May 12, 1958, Denmark ) is a Danish cartoonist, illustrator, screenwriter and film director.

Life and work

Peter Madsen, born in 1958 in Aarhus, grew up in twelve different places in Denmark.

Originally Madsen wanted to study medicine, but instead he chose to be in front of an illustrator and storyteller, however. He debuted in 1973 with several attempts in Seriemagasinet.

In 1990 an album was released based on his experiences as a young medical student. In the same year the comic was voted album of the year by the Danish Comic Book Conference.

Besides working on Walhalla Peter Madsen is still working as an illustrator, painter, designer and lecturer.

Madsen became internationally known primarily as a writer and director of the subscribed by him Comics Valhalla, which was founded in 1986 and successfully filmed by himself as cartoon animation Valhalla. The music for the film was composed by the British composer Ron Goodwin.

Madsden received numerous international awards and honors for his work.

Peter Madsen lives and works in Silkeborg with his wife and four children.



As a director,

As a screenwriter