A lecturer ( in the 18th century borrowed from Latin docens, present participle docere to " teach, teach ") is a person who has taught at universities and educational institutes of tertiary or Quartärbereichs or teaches.

Teachers in higher education

Among the lecturers at universities primarily include

  • Lecturers
  • Lecturers
  • Professors
  • Academic staff

Her teaching rights and responsibilities differ from subject to subject, from university to university and from state to state. Of the universities and states also depends on whether there are other types of teachers in higher education. Lecturers are mostly habilitation scientific researcher or lecturer.

At Swiss universities lecturer is the usual official title for high school teachers in teaching and research; the term professor is a title of honor and is awarded. Teach at Swiss universities differ in full-time faculty with full-time and part-time faculty with part-time job.

Faculty outside of universities

Faculty who work outside of academia, working for either professional associations, academies or colleges, vocational colleges, administrative and business schools or private educational institutions and as a community college teacher. The necessary knowledge for this, they have not necessarily collected in higher education. Often practitioners teach from company executives or even without apprenticeship. Especially in the field of art, in language training or as part of technical training often come champion, experienced artists or teachers with special life experience to use.

For teaching activities, which are charged by the federal agency for work on private educational institutions, an aptitude examinations is required in principle. In general, teachers in private educational institutions where qualified final secondary exams (eg retraining ), a higher qualification than community college faculty in free seminars. Sometimes even highly qualified specialists are there but active, use the spare capacity to try new seminar topics or shapes.

Freelance lecturers are listed as " self- teacher" in the social security law and are thus in accordance with SGB VI full pension insurance. Within three months of the commencement of such activity has to become self- sign the pension insurance institution and usually receives a contribution notice. The income (less operating expenses ) are verbeitragt with full RV set. Contributions may be retroactively calculated and collected for 4 years. There are exceptions, such as if the activity is not more than € 4,800 per year or simultaneously generates an employer function is executed.

Health insurance is compulsory and every self-employed person must have health insurance coverage. This is done through a voluntary health insurance ( either a legal or a private KV ).